Park Board Meetings

Park Board Meetings

Regular meetings are scheduled for the 2nd Monday of each month at 4:00 pm (unless specified) at the West River Community Center. Special Meetings are scheduled as necessary.

Left to Right: Nic Stevenson, Scott Karsky, Jo Marie Kadrmas, Tim Daniel and Zach Keller.

Current Park Board Members:

Scott Karsky, President | June 2022-2026

Tim Daniel, Vice President | June 2022-2026

Jo Marie Kadrmas | June 2020-2024

Tyler Tucker | June 2024-2028 (incoming)

Zach Keller | June 2024-2028

Nic Stevenson | June 2022-2026

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Do you have a question or a comment for a commissioner? Please email your question to [email protected].

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