Leisure Park Trail

2015 Empire Road

This 1.1 mile trail is as enjoyable as it is educational. Located around the West River Community Center, and West River Ice Center, Leisure Park offers an Arboretum that is designed to showcase a variety of plant life, including native trees and shrubbery. There is an extended additional 1 mile loop around CHI St. Alexius Health.


  • 1.1 mile trail
  • Green Space
  • Benches
  • Connection to 1 mile walking trail around hospital.
  • Connection to Dickinson Research Extension Center walking path and nature area.


  1. Walkers, joggers, and bikers please keep to the right when using the trails.
  2. All dogs must be on a leash.
  3. Be aware of traffic approaching and behind you.
  4. Be aware of intersections and crossings.
  5. Please pick up you and your pet’s litter.