Employee Committee Ballot

2024 Employee Committee Ballot




We are looking for representatives for the Employee Committee.  Please read Section 6.8 from the Personnel Policy Manual, which describes the committee’s purpose, rules and term for the elected employees.

The current committee consists of Kara Visger, Scott Mack, Caleb Burgard and Craig Pearson, along with Patty Riely as HR representative and Executive Director Benjamin Rae. Kara and Scott will continue to serve on the committee for 1 year, and Caleb and Craig will no longer be eligible.

6.8 – Employee Committee.  The purpose of this committee is to represent all full-time, part-time and seasonal employees of DPR as to ideas, suggestions and concerns. This committee will be composed of four elected full-time employees who have been employed by DPR for at least one year, along with the Executive Director and/or representative of the HR department who will act as meeting facilitators. Elected employees will serve a term of two years (January 1 – December 31 of each year), after the employee completes the two year term the employee’s name will not be on the ballot for one year after the completion of the two year term. After the one year waiting period, the employee will then be eligible to serve another two year term. This would mean that the four members of the committee would always consist of at least two members who had been on the prior committee. If the employment of a member of the committee ends with DPR, the committee will continue the year with three members and at the next election a new member will be elected to the committee to fulfill the vacant term. The committee will also serve as representation on the Grievance Committee, Future First Committee and the Christmas party Committee. This group will meet as needed and report to the Executive Director, who will then present these ideas to the Board for approval.

NOTE:  If you have not been full-time for at least one year, you are non-eligible, but you are still eligible to vote.

Please submit the following Ballot by Friday, December 8.

This form is currently closed for submissions.

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