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About Us


Dickinson Parks and Recreation is a member of the North Dakota Recreation and Parks Association and supports the following mission statement:

Provide recreational opportunities to enhance the quality of life for the community and its visitors.


Board of Park Commissioners

President - Scott Kovash
Vice President - Howard Sharpe
Commissioner - Scott Karsky
Commissioner - Tim Daniel
Commissioner - KC Homiston

Full-Time Staff

Director of Park & Recreation - James Kramer
Administrative Supervisor- Leah Hoenke
Finance Supervisor - Sara Turner
Accounting Specialist - Jessica Stewart
Customer Service Specialist- Ratna Fleig
Customer Service Representative - Dylan Gress

Marketing/HR Manager - Amber Mathieson
Marketing/HR Coordinator - Kara Visger

Recreation/Facilities Manager - Ryan Nelson
Recreation Supervisor - Wilson McLaughlin
Program Supervisor - Alissa Karsky

Facility Operations Manager - Matt Mack
Membership Services Supervisor - Teri Genzel
Facility Supervisor - Caleb Burgard
Facility Supervisor - Andrew Grafton
Facility Coordinator - Pat Welch
Aquatics Coordinator - Adriann Martin
Aquatics Coordinator - Ian Anderson

Facility Maintenance Manager - X Dukart
Facility Maintenance Supervisor - Larry Kuether
Facility Maintenance Supervisor - Gregory Hanson
Facility Maintenance Specialist - Clint Petersen
Facility Maintenance Specialist - Jordan Jamieson

Park Operations Manager - Scott Mack
Park Maintenance Supervisor - Jon Schardin
Park Maintenance Supervisor - Daniel Michaels
Park Maintenance Specialist/Patterson Lake Caretaker - Jacob Shypkowski

Golf Operations Manager - Sam Davis
Golf Maintenance Supervisor - Rod Lindborg


Administrative Office Hours:

Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm