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Staying Active During Winter Months By: Michelle Orton, CPT

This time of year makes outdoor workouts tough and it is common for those outdoor lovers to feel a little lost due to the freezing temps.  I’m here to tell you that spring is just around the corner, but in the meantime it’s a good idea to start preparing for the upcoming season by following an indoor training plan to keep you in good shape.

We all have our preferences as far which types of exercises we like to do or equipment we like to use, but I am going to provide just a few tips to help you get started or add something different to what you might already be doing.  This can be accomplished by incorporating cross training into your training program.  Cross training involves activities such as indoor biking, swimming, running, and strength training to help build your cardiovascular endurance and your muscular strength.  This article highlights the benefits of each of these areas.


Swimming is considered to be one of the greatest total body workouts.  This is possible because it builds cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength all at once.


Spinning is a popular form of indoor biking in a structured class setting.  A vigorous spin class can burn almost 750 calories per hour.  It can be fun and intense at the same time.


Running is one of the best types of cardio training you can do in addition to your riding.  It helps improve your posture and feel for standing pedaling.  It’s also a great way to introduce true low intensity training to your program.


A consistent weight training program will help prepare muscle groups all over your body for a long day of physical activity.  Adding strength training at least two times a week can help prevent injuries and build muscular strength and endurance.

So as you start preparing for your activities and events this year, make sure you get a jump start on spring with a solid training regimen.

Michelle Orton is a Certified Personal Trainer at the West River Community Center. For those of you interested in or needing help getting into shape, Michelle can help you get on the right path. She can be contacted directly by email at

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