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Golf Course Updates

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JULY 2017 


Our main obstacle is getting the fairway down to the appropriate height without killing the grass. With drought conditions this summer, we have decided to keep the newly laid sod at a longer length until we get more rain or the daily temperatures go down a bit. Until then, we currently have it cut to 2 ¼” (same as current rough height). We will continue to water the sodded area and treat it with extra care.

Thank you all for your patience, we will open it as soon as we safely can.


As some of you have noticed, some of our pine trees on the course look like they’re in distress or dying. Most of these trees have dothistroma needle blight. This is a fungal disease that turns the needles brown and causes them to fall off, it can take a full year to complete it’s life cycle and can continue to effect the trees in following years if not properly managed.

We have identified all of these trees at our golf course and treated them with an acid based fertilizer and copper sulphate fungicide. The results we have seen look promising.

We appreciate those of you that have noticed this problem and pointed it out to our staff.

MAY 2017


As most of you are aware, we’ve had many challenges with hole number five. We’re happy to announce we’ve laid sod this week, and the project wrapped up on Friday, May 12, 2017. We are hopeful the hole will be playable in late May, however carts will not be allowed in the effected area. Once the grass is established it will be cut and maintained at fairway height.

We also had the computer board of our irrigation system go out prior to last weekend. We have been manually watering, but the course is dry and firming. We will be watering every chance we get in order to turn things around quickly.

We appreciate your patience and hope you can help give this area a little extra love so it has a chance to get where everyone expects it to be.