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F.Y.T. After School Program

Offered by Healthy Results, Inc.

Winter Session:  February 2-March 31, 2016

Ages: 7-12 years
Location: West River Community Center
Time: 4:00-5:30 pm
Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Participant Fee: $162 (WRCC members) or $174 (non-members)
Instructor:  Katie Bohnhoff, Healthy Results, Inc. Personal Trainer 

FYT (Fit Youth Training) After School Program was designed as a continuation of FYT Camp to help kids ages 7-12 improve their muscular strength, enhance motor skills (ex: sprinting, jumping, etc.) and aerobic power and endurance.  Staci Moore, a Healthy Results, Inc. Personal Trainer will expose each child to a variety of safe, effective and fun training methods to give them the competitive edge for sports performance, reduced risk of injury, and tools for a healthier lifestyle.  A supervised and planned exercise program will be provided each camp day that includes a FYT Conditioning Circuit, a FYT Strength Training Progression, and a FYT Flexibility Routine.  There will be an emphasis on athletic movements, speed and power development to prepare each child for a fall, winter or early spring sport.

*This program is not available to register online.

Registration information will be available at the WRCC media rack.

For more information, please contact Natashia Ash at or call 701-260-8803.