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Everyone can benefit from having their diet looked over or “tuned up.” Did you know that about 80% of the equation in weight loss and weight maintenance is how well you eat?  Your diet plays a huge part in how well you feel and in your quality of life.

Here are 10 reasons why someone might want to make an appointment with a dietitian:

  • Need help losing or gaining weight.  We can help meet your weight goals in a healthy and balanced manner.
  • Have digestive problems or allergies.  We will help with planning meals and snacks that meet your needs when discovering that you can no longer eat some of the foods you used to.
  • You’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant, or breastfeeding.  We will help ensure that you’re getting proper nutrition for yourself and your baby.
  • You have picky family members (i.e. children, spouse).  We will help come up with family friendly meals and snacks.
  • You want help planning meals for your family or just for yourself.  We can help you with that!
  • You have a teenager about to graduate and move out of the house.  Now is a great time to help them set up good habits for life!
  • You just want to start eating better and more balanced.
  • Need help making sense of diet/nutritional advise.
  • You are an athlete or training for a special event.
  • You want help with cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes management.

Kailah Haag is the West River Community Center’s Registered Dietitian.  If you’d like to setup a consultation or have any specific questions, please email at

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Single Session | 1 hour each

5 sessions | 1 hour each