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Badlands Self-Paced Triathlon

DATES:  September 9 – October 18, 2019

FEE:  $30/person

LOCATION:  West River Community Center

Register for the division you would like to compete in, and set your own pace.  You have up to 40 days to reach your personal goals.  Activity miles may be completed at WRCC or outdoors.  We will rely on the honor system for all competitors when recording their mileage totals.  Reach your goal by the end of the event and receive a t-shirt. 

Printable Registration Form

Ultra-Ironman – 5.2 mile swim, 52 mile run/walk, 220 mile bike

Ironman – 2.6 mile swim, 26 mile run/walk, 110 mile bike

Tinman – 1.5 mile swim, 13 mile run/walk, 55 mile bike

Olympic – 1 mile swim, 6 mile run/walk, 24 mile bike

Sprint – 750 meter swim, 3 mile run/walk, 12 mile bike

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